Thermal water in Rapolano Terme

Water, like no other, represents the absolute power of born, known and celebrated since the ancient times. Most of ancient cultures makes the rise up of the universe come out from water, as human beings born from water and human beings is made by water.

Water, near Rapolano, is over all thermal water, the same water that, after a long trip under the ground, on contact with a lot of stones, arrives on surface with a lot of smelling salts and active ingredients. These elements makes this water very rich of curative values, known since antiquity with Etruschi before, and then Romans: terms became for them an authentic ceremonial.

Looking trough the centuries, the link between thermal water and people of this territory is so ancient, authentic and almost journal: water builds the ground and makes travertine born, the original font of money for that territory. Water moves mills giving energy to people, but over all, water is the first cure against diseases and accidents.

These curative properties are always the same; for that, also today, water is the main element, the origin of everything, the original fount of wellness. Rapolano Terme’s waters arrives from the undergrounds at a temperature of 39-40°C. We talk about water with sulphur and bicarb of Ca, so they are rich of Ca, Mg, Na and K. A big concentration of active ingredients that makes these waters rich of curative values, but also let people to float easier.

Rapolano’s water, analyzed and certificated by the University of Napoli, are particular indicated for the cure of respiratory, moving and cardiopathic diseases, but also for skin illness. With particular additives, they are the base for aesthetics treatments.